A competitive Card Game of scares, paranormal trickery and a lot of strange Sheet Ghosts!

Some Other Sheet we got...

Printed Patch

This is a nice printed patch that captures all the sheet detail.

Vinyl Stickers!

A nice set of heavy duty, waterproof
vinyl stickers (not made by Heather).

Set of Buttons!

Hopefully Heather didn't botch them!

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Take a peek...

Use multiple Sheet Ghosts and Item Cards to Increase your Scare Factor Value, decrease your opponents or make them bust! 

Try to win Dwelling Cards by out scaring the other players

Weirdos LOVE this Sheet! You will too!

"This is the best thing I have ever done! So fun! I would happily murder some puppies to own this game!"
"This game is going to be perfect to play with my weirdo family and friends. And it's super easy even if we drink.."
This game is so AMAZING! I haven't stopped playing in 3 days. I should probably go to work considering it's midweek...so good!
The Dom
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