Oh Sheet began as a series of quick illustrations of crappy ghosts with different fabric overlays. Once the idea of creating a competitive game was solidified the ghosts began to take more specific shape. Each ghost was meant to represent a specific classic haunting phenomenon. The challenge became trying to design each attribute in a single image without the aid of excessive items and such. Easier said than done of course. All of the ghosts would maintain the same basic shape but vary in outer texture and physical attributes that would realize the paranormal phenomenon they were representing. It was important to maintain the fabric exterior because the thought was that these ghosts themselves were malleable and could shift and shape into whatever form needed to accomplish the desired scares. I am a huge horror junkie and lover of all things weird and creepy. I wanted to create a fun and competitive game that would appeal to those like myself as well as the general public (normies). This endeavor was realized only with great contributions and encouragement from a few close friends. The most fulfilling part of this entire thing has been watching my friends laugh at my dumb ideas and screw each other over in the game in ways I didn’t even expect.


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